Learn how MyPart revolutionized song search by using vector embeddings, and how to implement efficient Vector Search with OpenSearch yourself.

Struggling to find the perfect song for your next TV/film project, ad campaign, or DJ set? In this webinar replay, join tech industry veteran Kris Jenkins, MyPart's CEO and Chief Architect Matan Kollenscher, and Itamar Syn-Hershko, CTO and Founder of BigData Boutique, to learn how MyPart revolutionized song search using Vector Embedding and OpenSearch.

From Art to Science: Vectorizing Music for Intelligent Search

The webinar explored MyPart's unique use case and multi-dimensional approach. We learned how MyPart breaks down music into its core components – sounds, lyrics, and musical composition – and translates them into vectors, a format computers can understand. This allows MyPart to store this information in a Vector Database, enabling lightning-fast and accurate searches across massive music libraries.

A Deep Dive into OpenSearch and Vector Search

The session then delved into the fascinating realm of Vector Search with OpenSearch. We discovered how Machine Learning techniques empower a variety of projects, and gained insights into how OpenSearch simplifies and streamlines vector data searches. Attendees learned about:

  • The power of vector embeddings and search algorithms
  • Real-world applications of Vector Search
  • Unlocking OpenSearch's vector search capabilities
  • Identifying and overcoming common roadblocks

AI Unveils the Science Behind Music Selection

The webinar equipped attendees with the knowledge of how AI can revolutionize their business. We explored how K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) algorithms navigate a vector database, and witnessed how technology transforms the art of music selection into a data-driven science.

If you're tired of digging through endless music libraries, the BigData Boutique webinar recording is a must-watch! Discover the magic of MyPart's AI-powered search with OpenSearch and find the perfect song every time.