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Services We Provide

Expert Consultants

We provide consultancy services and support contracts to BigData and Cloud technologies during development and in production. Our engineers have the required expertise to help you with both advice and hands-on assistance where necessary.

Hands-On Development

We provide custom Big Data application development services. We work with a comprehensive tech stack, including Windows platforms, Linux, Mac ecosystems, Java, C#, Scala, Go, Python, JavaScript, and more. Need DevOps/SRE services? We are ready to help.

Production Support With SLA

We provide a multi-tier support structure with plans for every stage of the project, from proof of concept to successful operation in production. And a range of SLAs to suit startups to enterprise organizations worldwide.

Data Architecture Design & Consulting | Data Modeling

We are big data and data platform experts. We can help you design a data platform from scratch or survey, redesign, and improve an existing platform. Our engineers are top experts in modern technologies that make up most of the world's largest data stacks.

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Our Technology Stack

Elasticsearch & Elastic Stack

We are the world's leading Elastic Stack experts, providing end-to-end consultancy, development, integration, and support services. Whether you are just starting out or already have an Elastic cluster deployed, we ensure you have a smooth journey and help you take your system to the next level.

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Our expert consulting and support services help unlock Kafka's full capabilities, ensuring high-performance and scalable clusters, reduce bottlenecks, and help control operational costs.

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We have partnered with Starburst Data, the Presto company, to provide you the best possible support for your Presto cluster regardless of size. Our engineers are available 24/7 to support all of your mission-critical Presto deployments.

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We have the expertise to design and build high-performing and scalable data pipeline platforms using Flink. In addition, we help troubleshoot problems and optimize performance and cost, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

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We provide hands-on consulting and support for Spark architecture planning and design, assessment, performance tuning, and optimization, covering the needs of your entire Spark ecosystem for high-performance.

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And More

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