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How Can We Help?

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Expert Consultants

We provide consulting on BigData technologies and architectures, to projects in different scales and stages, during development and in production. From architecture advice to optimizations and low-level configuration tuning, our engineers are top talent and have the required expertise to help with anything Data.

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Hands-On Development

Our boutique team of experts are writing code and deploying stacks on a daily basis. We are hands-on consultants; we like getting our hands dirty and have experience in many platforms and languages. From custom development to pairing or acting as part of your team - you decide the level of our involvement.

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Production Support

All our years of experience managing BigData platforms at scale is available to you, under the SLA that is right for you. Our expert engineers provide 24/7 professional support and Incident Response with up to 1 hour response time to ensure smooth operation of your data clusters - Elasticsearch, Kafka, Presto, and more.

Data Architecture Design and Implementation

We are Big Data experts. We can help you design a data platform from scratch or survey, redesign, and improve an existing platform. Our architecture process starts with Data Modelling, and can continue to implementation, optimization and even production support.

Our engineers are top experts in the modern technologies that make up most of the world's largest data stacks.

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Our Technology Stack

Elasticsearch & Elastic Stack

We are the world's leading Elasticsearch experts, providing end-to-end consultancy, development, integration, and support services. Whether you are just starting out or already have an Elasticsearch cluster deployed, we ensure you have a smooth journey and help you take your system to the next level.

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We have partnered with Starburst Data, the Presto/Trino company, to provide you the best possible support for your Presto cluster regardless of size. Our engineers are available 24/7 to support all of your mission-critical Presto deployments.

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And More

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Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

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