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We provide Elasticsearch consulting & support services, by world-class Elasticsearch experts. Our clients vary from small and medium-sized companies all the way to conglomerates and tech giants.

Engage our support team to maximize value and optimize performance. Our team will overcome any challenge related to Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack.

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The understanding of Elasticsearch and insight BigData Boutique were able to provide was absolutely UNBELIEVABLE.

Pavel Klushkin
Pavel Klushkin

We tried several different support services, which weren’t very useful to us. With BigData Boutique we had the best experience.

Avi Arfin
Avi Arfin
Search EM at notion

You can tell just by talking to BigData Boutique, how deep their knowledge in search technology is.

Gio Bagtas
Gio Bagtas
Director at kellerwilliams

BigData Boutique helped our search team with some of the intricacies of Elasticsearch and how we could integrate it with our solutions.

Andy Metcalfe
Andy Metcalfe
Project Lead at opentable

BigData Boutique preserved the basic schema and underlying architecture, yet took fundamental design decisions that significantly improved the existing platform.

Rafi Bryl
Rafi Bryl
Director at zoomin

Thanks to BigData Boutique we now constantly explore the potential for further use of Elasticsearch.

Uri Harel
Uri Harel
VP Infrastructure at pipl

BigData Boutique created the best solution possible, and automated the entire process using DevOps principles.

Denis Borisevich
Denis Borisevich
Lead DBA at fibi

Ever since BigData Boutique helped our Elasticsearch migration, we have had 99.999% (five 9s) uptime, a much better monitoring and alerting system and observability of our infrastructure and systems.

Deborah Anav
Deborah Anav
Technical PM at buzzilla

Had the pleasure to work with BigData Boutique. A mature experienced team with all it is related to databases, cloud and specifically to Elasticsearch.

Sharon Weintraub
Sharon Weintraub
Data Services Team Lead au10tix

BigData Boutique helped us take our Elasticsearch capabilities to it's top. Together we have optimized our infrastructure, fine-tuned many of our queries and pipelines to get a faster and more efficient service.

Ady Levy
Ady Levy
VP R&D at tastewise

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Elasticsearch Support Services

Migration assistance between clouds and Elastic Cloud or self-managed

Upgrade assistance to newer Elasticsearch versions

Software integration support services

Comprehensive system design and implementation

Elasticsearch support

24/7 Production Support and Emergency Response Team to rescue on production issues.

Enterprise Search and Relevance Engineering

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Dedicated 24/7 Support Team

Let us be your secret ingredient for better service and customer experience. Our experts act as a dedicated support team, available on Slack, Teams, email and other communications channels to make sure you get immediate response on times when you need it.

Stop relying on community resources when production issues hit your cluster. Have dedicated support contacts, with guaranteed response time, available at your disposal 24/7.

Elasticsearch support team

Why Us

We live Elasticsearch, breathe Elastic Stack, count Kibana sheep when we go to sleep, and dream of new ELK-based products and solutions. Our expertise go deep all the way to Apache Lucene itself.

Our Founder & CTO, Itamar Syn Hershko, is a world renowned Elasticsearch expert, as well as a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and lecturer.

Each member of our team is a world-class expert that was carefully scrutinized, selected, and trained by Itamar himself in order to ensure the highest quality and service in the market. Along with industry best practices, our clients can take full advantage of their solutions - from enterprise search to logging and analytics. At BigData Boutique, we are deeply committed to solving complicated challenges.

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Bigdata boutique team accross the world

24/7 Production Support

Our team of world-renowned experts is available for 24/7 dedicated Elasticsearch support to ensure the stability and performance of your cluster.

Cost Optimization

With BigData Boutique your Elasticsearch cluster is precisely the right number of nodes and the right type of hardware. Reduce costs while keeping operating at peak performance.

Consulting Services

Having provided support and end-to-end services on Elasticsearch, Kibana and the Elastic Stack for more than ten years, our team can support any project from small startups to large enterprises.

Search Relevance Engineering

Search relevance

Elasticsearch is mainly used for information retrieval - from text search including natural language processing methods, to image and sound search and others. While it's also a great analytics engine for unstructured data, it's roots are deep in the Apache Lucene library original use-case - text search.

Our expertise goes beyond Elasticsearch consulting, managed services, and providing support on infrastructure. We are also experts in optimizing search relevance for any use case, and can help with better integrating search and analytics in your application.

We use NLP-methods, Machine Learning techniques, knowledge graphs and a large set of home-brewed tooling and methodologies to optimize search operations for any use cases. From enterprise search to e-commerce and other corporate search use-case, we are masters in making your unstructured data findable.

Pioneering Innovation

At BigData Boutique, we recognize the significance of delivering comprehensive support to our clients on high-end technologies and bleeding edge services. Whether OpenSearch is used to analyze and search unstructured data or deliver real-time analytics, each of our clients enjoy services that are tailored to meet their requirements.

Our consultants support clusters on any managed service, on public cloud or deployed on-premises in a corporate intranet. Our team is dedicated to ensure that our clients have access to the resources, tooling and support they need to achieve their goals.

As data addicts, we constantly develop and use analytic tools and machine-learning based methods that help us to monitor, analyze and improve every aspect of our work. Combining our over 10 years of experience, and our world-class expertise in analytics and search allows us to provide unique innovative solutions.

Our managed services make sure that our clients know we have their back with any use case, giving them a competitive edge in their respective industries. We are constantly updating our products and services to ensure the highest standards and competitive advantage in the market.

Cutting-Edge Technology

All the tools that we offer to our clients are initially developed for internal use to make our work with customers more professional and efficient.

As part of our services, we offer proprietary tools that have been optimized and fine-tuned for years. These tools help monitor performance, create alerts, and provide recommendations for cluster optimizations - all hand-crafted to optimize your experience. Our personalized services with this cutting-edge technology allow us to deliver a seamless experience.

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At BigData Boutique, we specialize in providing Elasticsearch solutions and expert support services for optimizing your analytics infrastructure. Our team of experts conducts comprehensive architecture reviews to identify and resolve performance issues, providing a guaranteed solution.

We survey clusters, index configurations, and queries, while analyzing your business requirements and code to determine the best route for your organization. Our expert consulting includes a detailed report that highlights risks, issues, wins, and prioritizes action items to improve your search experience. Our goal is to ensure that your organization gets the most out of your open search solution.

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