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Elasticsearch Consulting by World-Class Experts

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We're the world's leading Elasticsearch experts with over nine years of experience, providing end-to-end consultancy, development, and support services for Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, and the Elastic Stack.

Leverage our Elasticsearch expert skills and 24/7 dedicated support to make your cluster(s) stable and bulletproof and achieve unparalleled performance and cost reduction.

Big Brands Trust Us With Their Projects

Here’s how we can help


No more slowness or crashes. Optimize spend, stability, and performance of your Elasticsearch usage.

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Improve query speed and relevance, using advanced search engineering techniques.


Increase indexing speed and reduce index size on disk.


Migrations from older versions or other environments, to a cluster that is optimized through precise configurations tailored to your data, queries, and KPIs.


Deploy and maintain your Elasticsearch clusters for you on AWS, GCP, Azure, and any other public or private cloud.

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Protect your cluster from vulnerabilities and ensure health of your data.

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Elastic Stack Consulting and Implementation

Get the level of consulting and support you deserve

Our expert consultants can help you with a full range of implementation services, including new application development, migrating to Elastic Stack, and scaling existing deployments. Integrate Elastic Stack into your enterprise seamlessly, following industry best practices.

360 Degrees Review

More than 90% of our customers start with Architecture Review, our most popular offering - speedy and guaranteed solution to your most pressing performance issues.
This includes:

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Cluster review and audit

We'll review your cluster infrastructure to assess its effectiveness, identify underlying issues affecting performance.

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Query and index configuration review

We'll examine your code and queries as many Elastic performance issues stem from wrong index configurations or poorly written queries.

As part of the Architecture Review Service, we will survey your system and drill down from the business requirements to the bones of the code you wrote and the technologies you chose. We will then provide a detailed report of risks, issues, and successes and provide a list of prioritized action items.

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Elasticsearch Production Support With Guaranteed Response Time

Protect your business-critical systems with our dedicated team of experts available 24/7

Our engineers have extensive hands-on experience managing large Elasticsearch deployments and maintaining Elasticsearch clusters in production. Learn More arrow right

Resolve your production issues
Get support for all your technologies
Find support for any infrastructure you use

Custom-Built Solutions & Plugins

We offer proprietary solutions that can make your life a whole lot easier. With a suite of smart tools and plugins, your search for the right solution starts and ends here. We create custom plugins, custom integrations, tools and analyzers to cover just about every business case you can throw at us.

Let Us Build You The Solution You need

Custom analysis plugins, and even custom innovative new query types. Even if it’s something Elasticsearch doesn't currently do, let us know, and we can help!

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opentable inc

Andy Metcalfe Project Lead, OpenTable Inc.

BigData Boutique were a great help to our search team. They helped with some of the intricacies of Elastic Search and how we could integrate it with our solutions. We had some existing questions and then wanted to freestyle some investigation into our roadmap in the coming months. We collaboratively had some working prototypes at the end of period which will hopefully lead to some great new product features around search experiences at OpenTable.

particular software ltd

Andreas Öhlund Director of Engineering, Particular Software Ltd.

BigData Boutique's Itamar has been awesome in helping us improve our storage support in NServiceBus and improving our line of DevOps products in the Particular Platform.


Uri Harel VP Infrastructure, Pipl

We have someone to go to for questions around Elasticsearch now. We are constantly exploring the potential for further use of Elasticsearch, and they are a very valuable resource for that.

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How Can We Help You With Your Elasticsearch?

Talk to experts to find out how BigData Boutique can help you achieve the best of what Elastic offers: performance, stability, efficiency, and peace-of-mind.

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