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Data Volume? Data Velocity? We’ve got you covered

Whether your challenge is querying or computing data at rest in large volumes, or with your streaming data which needs to be processed quickly and efficiently despite high velocity – our expert engineers will tailor the right solution for you.

Data streaming

Big Data Architecture and Pipelines

Our data engineers build Data Lakes which can support ad-hoc queries from your growing team of analysts, run your state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms at scale, execute huge batch processing jobs, and process billions of IoT events.

Data lake

Cost-effective Data Platforms

We design and build state of the art Data Warehouses, which are extremely cost-effective and use the latest industry standards and best practices.

Data warehous

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Number one experts with the Elastic Stack

We are the world's leading Elasticsearch experts, providing end-to-end consultancy, development, integration and support services

experts World-Class Consulting And Support

Get the level of consulting and support you deserve. We are the worldwide Elastic experts with over 7 years of experience with Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack. It’s why some of the world’s best-known brands turn to us for consulting and support — and why you should, too.

shield Bulletproof and Stable Clusters

When it comes to your data, you want the best of what Elastic offers: performance, stability, efficiency, and peace-of-mind. That’s what we deliver. Leverage our expertise, knowledge, and experience — and get unparalleled performance and cost optimizations.

elastic search We Live And Breathe Elastic

We don’t just talk the talk. We’ve built incredible Elastic projects ourselves (and even open-sourced some), and we’re knowledgeable about all aspects of the Elastic Stack, including Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats.

gears Custom-Built Intelligent Solutions

We offer proprietary solutions that can make your life a whole lot easier. With a suite of smart tools and plugins, your search for the right solution starts and ends here. We create custom plugins, custom integrations, tools and analyzers to cover just about every business case you can throw at us.

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Got Presto?

We are official partners with Starburst Data, the world-wide Presto experts and committers. This allows us to provide consulting and support that is second to none.

starburst logo Official Starburst Partners

We have partnered with Starburst Data, the Presto company, to provide you the best possible support for your Presto cluster regardless of size.

rocket We help jumpstart your Presto journey

Don't waste your time on experiments. We help you deploy the right-size cluster with the exact number of nodes that are required to get the job done. This saves precious resources and ensures that your queries run in a timely manner.

text and magnifier Query Anything. Anywhere.

Query and join data between various data sources using our enterprise-grade connectors. This includes our enterprise-grade Presto Elasticsearch Connector for high-performance queries with Presto on the Elastic Stack, DB2 and Teradata connectors, JDBC and ODBC drivers for Presto, and more.

charts Presto Monitoring and Insights

Monitor the health and performance of all your Presto clusters. Ensure queries are running as intended, and derive empirical insights to help optimize your spend and query performance. Check out our Presto Monitor.

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opentable inc

Andy Metcalfe Project Lead, OpenTable Inc.

BigData Boutique were a great help to our search team. They helped with some of the intricacies of Elastic Search and how we could integrate it with our solutions. We had some existing questions and then wanted to freestyle some investigation into our roadmap in the coming months. We collaboratively had some working prototypes at the end of period which will hopefully lead to some great new product features around search experiences at OpenTable.

particular software ltd

Andreas Öhlund Director of Engineering, Particular Software Ltd.

BigData Boutique's Itamar has been awesome in helping us improve our storage support in NServiceBus and improving our line of DevOps products in the Particular Platform.


Uri Harel VP Infrastructure, Pipl

We have someone to go to for questions around Elasticsearch now. We are constantly exploring the potential for further use of Elasticsearch, and they are a very valuable resource for that.

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Monthly virtual office hours on BigData technologies and architecture

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January 27th

Presto and Elasticsearch - better together

More often than not, we find ourselves implementing BigData architectures that include both Presto and Elasticsearch. Presto is usually deployed for what we call the cold layer and Elasticsearch for the hot layer. In most systems, real-time access isn’t required for the lion’s share of the data where the main concern is keeping costs low, making S3 and Presto a great fit. Usually, ultra-low latency queries are only required for a portion of the data and that is where Elasticsearch, which is more hardware demanding and hence costlier, really shines. In this session we will show how we can inter-connect them seamlessly, and demo a couple of really cool features that make some really interesting use-cases finally possible.

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May 6th, 2020

Alerting with Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack

The Elastic Stack is being used almost everywhere today for application and system monitoring. In this session we will show you how to add alerting to any Elastic-based monitoring system, so you can also get alerted via Email, Slack, PagerDuty and more when any of the alerting rules you defined gets triggered.

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