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We have partnered with the world's leading technology vendors and service providers, to ensure top service to our customers wherever they are.

aws AWS partner

As a proud AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we offer consulting, hands-on development services, and support for our customers on AWS cloud, primarily in the Data & Analytics space. AWS frequently refers customers to us for expert advice and efficient project execution.

Amazon OpenSearch Service Expertise


Starburst lets you run SQL on Anything. From petabytes to exabytes – run lightning-fast queries across sources, with high concurrency with full ACL and Security controls.


Get the performance you love from open source ClickHouse in a serverless offering that takes care of the details so you can spend more time getting insight out of the fastest database on earth.


Qwak is a fully managed, accessible, and reliable ML Platform. It allows builders to transform and store data, build, train, and deploy models, and monitor the entire Machine Learning pipeline.

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