Presto Search

Petabyte-scale, cost-effective full-text search and analytics solution powered by Presto / Trino.

Search logs at scale cheaply on S3; offload Elasticsearch and Solr workloads to a more economic solution; perform text analytics in SQL; add text search features to Kafka, Redis, and more.

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Enable Text Search and Analytics Capabilities on Any Data Source

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Large-scale text search and analytics poses significant challenges for data teams — significant operations overhead and extremely high costs incurred on data storage.

Our Presto Search solution leverages the infinite scalability of Presto to provide petabyte-scale full-text search and analytics capabilities on any data source Presto supports.

Executing full-text search, including tokenization, stemming and normalizations, on S3, HDFS, Kafka, AWS Kinesis, Redis, MongoDB and more is now possible with Presto Search.

Process more data, spend less

With Presto Search you can execute any type of text search query on massive volumes of data, and keep compute and storage costs low.

Powerful text search, anywhere

Perform complex keyword searches efficiently on any data store, including S3, HDFS, Kafka, AWS Kinesis, MongoDB, and many more.


Balanced cost/performance

No need to throw more money at the problem. Go beyond the LIKE and RegEx operators and support everything Elasticsearch and Solr can do, at the fraction of the cost.

Cost-Effective Text Search at Scale

Unleash the power of Lucene, the engine behind Solr and Elasticsearch,
on Big Data storage systems to provide cost-effective text search at scale

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Supports Full-text Search

Execute keyword searches, phrase matching, fuzzy text lookups, ngram search and more on textual data on any scale. Perfect for cheap log retention that is still searchable, and maintaining huge-scale textual data at a reduced cost.

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Multilingual Support

Take advantage of a wide range of language-specific stemmers, lemmatizers and analyzers just the same ones as provided by Elasticsearch, Solr and Lucene.

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Kibana Integration

Full Elasticsearch Query DSL and Kibana support, for generating graphs, dashboards, reports and exploratory querying. Use Kibana to query data on S3, HDFS and more.

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Peta-byte scale Lucene

Leverage Lucene’s high-performance, robust text search capabilities including tokenization, text normalization, phrase matching, fuzzy searches, and more.

80% More Cost Effective Than Elasticsearch and Solr

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While search technologies like Elasticsearch and Solr indeed provide such capabilities on a large scale, the cost of operating them on Big Data scale is high, and they also tend to pose significant operations overhead. We know, we have been supporting such systems for many years world-wide.

With Presto Search, you can now perform Petabyte-scale text optimized search and analytics and save 80% of your storage cost. Instead of using Elasticsearch or Solr, copy your data to S3 or HDFS and let Presto Search do it's magic instead.

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Use Presto Search to Unlock
Unparalleled Insight and Business Value


Security information and event monitoring (SIEM)

Collect data on various events across multiple applications and systems, analyze these events effectively to enable threat detection, anomalies and incident management.


Observability and APM

Monitor Infrastructure by collecting logs and metrics from many infrastructure components such as servers, VMs, network components, and so on. Analyze events and logs from applications to identify performance and availability issues, locate bugs and thrown errors.

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Understand traffic and user behavior

In various marketing-related use cases, text analytics is leveraged to provide deep insights on traffic and user behavior (segmentation, URL categorization, etc.)

Agile, Secure, Flexible and
Easy to Deploy

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BI Integrations

Easily integrate text search into Business Intelligence systems and dashboards

SQL cluster

Supports ANSI SQL

Optimized text and log analytics on any workload — supports any ANSI SQL analytics directly on the data lake

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Fully compliant with the highest standards of privacy and security

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