Learn how Itamar Syn-Hershko, CTO of BigData Boutique, integrates Apache Flink and Iceberg for robust data lake and warehouse solutions. Gain insights into optimizing your data processing workflows.

Itamar spoke at a recent Apache Flink TLV Meetup on the integration of Apache Flink and Iceberg for robust data lake and data warehouse solutions. This session explored the powerful synergy between these technologies, offering attendees deep insights into optimizing their data processing workflows.

Itamar started by explaining Iceberg's role as a table format for scalable data lakes and warehouses. Key takeaways included:

  • Overcoming data lake challenges with partitioning, updates, and deletes.
  • Comparisons with other solutions like Hudi and Delta Lake, highlighting Iceberg's robust metadata layer and efficient file management on object storage.
  • Iceberg's capability to handle metadata, virtual partitions, and query predicate pushdowns, making it an excellent choice for cloud-based data lakes and warehouses.

The session then explored Apache Flink's dual capabilities in both streaming and batch processing:

  • Practical applications in continuous ETL pipelines and database mirroring.
  • Use cases for feature stores and multi-tier data architecture, utilizing Iceberg's querying capabilities and Flink's processing power.
  • Different ways to interact with Flink: using SQL, the Table API, and the core APIs, emphasizing the higher-level APIs for integration with Iceberg.

Integration Best Practices and Recommendations

Itamar shared essential integration strategies and best practices:

  • Using Flink's SQL and Table API for seamless integration with Iceberg, avoiding lower-level API complexities.
  • Avoiding performance pitfalls by leveraging higher-level APIs and optimizing data operations.
  • Maintaining Iceberg tables asynchronously, rather than having Flink handle compression and cleanups, for better performance.

Key Insights for Data Engineers and Developers

Attendees gained actionable insights, including:

  • The strategic advantage of using Iceberg for data lake management and efficient querying.
  • Best practices for maintaining high performance and scalability in Flink-Iceberg deployments.
  • Avoiding shuffles to prevent performance issues, and using asynchronous jobs for Iceberg table maintenance.

Watch the full session recording to explore these advanced techniques and elevate your data architecture with Apache Flink and Iceberg.