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Monthly virtual office hours on BigData technologies and architecture

We know how challenging the BigData landscape can be and now, when we are all working remotely because of Covid19, we believe it's the perfect time to move our office hours to a monthly virtual event.

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08:00 PST 11:00 EST 16:00 GMT 16:00 CET
June 17th, 2020

How to expose Big Data efficiently

For any Big Data architecture, the main goal is to make available data to their users which will be very hard to use in traditional architectures because of size or latency requirements. In this AMA, we'll cover how to expose data efficiently in terms of performance and governance. We'll review some interesting patterns and technologies which makes easier for your users to consume the data previously processed in your pipelines.


Monthly on a Wednesday

08:00 PST 11:00 EST 16:00 GMT 16:00 CET

Our team of experts will be here to answer all your BigData questions, live. Once every month we will host a live event, beginning with a short presentation on a bleeding edge topic, and then follow up with a Q&A session that is open for all.

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