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Monthly virtual office hours on BigData technologies and architecture

We know how challenging the BigData landscape can be and now, when we are all working remotely because of Covid19, we believe it's the perfect time to move our office hours to a monthly virtual event.

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Monthly event

09:00 PDT 12:00 EDT 16:00 GMT 18:00 CEST
January 6th, 2021

Spark on Kubernetes: why and how to migrate your Spark pipelines to Cloud-Native Apache Spark

In the upcoming version of Spark (3.1), the Spark on Kubernetes integration will officially be declared production ready. A lot of companies have already adopted Spark on Kubernetes to benefit from containerization, reduce their costs, and make their architecture more portable and flexible. In this talk we'll go over the main pros & cons of running Spark on Kubernetes (as opposed to Hadoop YARN or proprietary platforms). The speaker, an ex-Databricks engineer now co-founder of Data Mechanics, a commercial Spark platform deployed on Kubernetes, will give practical tips to make this migration successful.


Monthly on a Wednesday

09:00 PDT 12:00 EDT 16:00 GMT 18:00 CEST

Our team of experts will be here to answer all your BigData questions, live. Once every month we will host a live event, beginning with a short presentation on a bleeding edge topic, and then follow up with a Q&A session that is open for all.

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