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In the ever-changing landscape of big data management, Elasticsearch has emerged as a powerful tool for storing, searching, and analyzing data. However, to harness its full potential and be able to reliably work with it and reduce cost, you need a robust management solution.

Opster provided optimization and management tools for OpenSearch and Elasticsearch. Since acquired by Elastic Co in late 2023, Elasticsearch and OpenSearch users seek new ways to optimize search performance while reducing costs.

Pulse by Big Data Boutique offers features such as monitoring, health assessment, alerting, and 24/7 support for both Elasticsearch and OpenSearch clusters.

We built Pulse after a decade of working with customers and optimizing hundreds and thousands of clusters. We took the accumulated knowledge, experience and expertise and created a tool that is by far the most complete and sophisticated monitoring, alerting, and co-pilot platform for Elasticsearch.

Pulse automates servicing and optimization for Elasticsearch clusters by providing automated recommendations for cluster health and performance, as well as the ability to detect and alert potential issues.

By leveraging Pulse, our customers can sleep better at night knowing their clusters are in good hands, and our team proactively monitors and ready to offer help.

The security and efficiency of your Elasticsearch cluster is always our top priority. Pulse's automation capabilities facilitate the timely detection and resolution of potential issues, ensuring efficient and secure cluster maintenance.

Elasticsearch support via Pulse
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Pulse by Big Data Boutique

Pulse by Big Data Boutique is a co-pilot platform for OpenSearch and Elasticsearch. Pulse offers comprehensive monitoring and support for clusters deployed anywhere, at any scale, making it the ultimate alternative to Opster.

The platform’s standout features include automated health assessment, actionable recommendations, alerting, monitoring, Query Analytics (LINK), and 24/7 support by world-class experts.

Cluster Monitoring via Customized Dashboards

Full visibility in an Elasticsearch management tool means the ability to oversee and monitor all components of the Elasticsearch cluster. This encompasses metrics such as CPU utilization, Memory utilization, Disk space, Thread pools and queues, Network traffic, Query performance and more.

With full visibility, administrators can manage to quickly identify any issues or impediments in the cluster, and take necessary measures to enhance its performance and guarantee stability.

Automated Health Assessment

Another key feature in Pulse is automated health assessments. By automating health checks of Elasticsearch and OpenSearch clusters, these tools can reduce the need for manual intervention, thereby decreasing labor costs and increasing productivity. Automated health assessments also enable automated claim assessments, which accelerate the process and eliminate the need for manual intervention.

In the case of Pulse by Big Data Boutique, it leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to perform automated health assessments. By evaluating various data points and metrics associated with the health of a system or application, Pulse can detect potential problems or anomalies and provide insights into the overall health and performance of the system.

Proactive and On-Call 24/7 Support

On-call 24/7 support offers a number of advantages in terms of minimizing downtime and performance issues in Elasticsearch management tools. A dedicated support team is available around the clock to provide immediate response and resolution to any issues that arise, reducing the time it takes to resolve them. This helps minimize downtime and ensures optimal performance of Elasticsearch clusters.

Additionally, on-call support can proactively monitor and detect potential issues, allowing for proactive measures to be taken to prevent downtime and performance problems.

Real-Time Monitoring and Root Cause Analysis

Real-time monitoring and root cause analysis are two vital aspects of maintaining Elasticsearch performance and resolving issues promptly. By keeping a close eye on the system’s performance metrics and identifying the underlying cause of any issues, administrators can ensure optimal performance and prevent issues before they affect end users.

Proactive Incident Detection and Resolution

Proactive incident detection and resolution is another important aspect of efficient Elasticsearch management

Advanced detection, analysis, and resolution of slowness issues in Elasticsearch and OpenSearch clusters Optimal performance and prevention of issues before they impact users

All of this ensures a smooth and efficient user experience

Expert Support and Assistance

While tools and features matter, the worth of expert support and assistance is undeniable. Professionals with comprehensive knowledge and experience in managing Elasticsearch environments can provide valuable insights and guidance, ensuring that the system is optimized and well-maintained.

Big Data Boutique offers:

  • Extensive expertise and experience in Elasticsearch and other big data technologies

  • Comprehensive technical proficiency and success in the data and analytics field

  • Consulting services, development support, and creative solutions to address business challenges on a large scale

The understanding of Elasticsearch and insight BigData Boutique were able to provide was absolutely UNBELIEVABLE.

Pavel Klushkin
Pavel Klushkin

We tried several different support services, which weren’t very useful to us. With BigData Boutique we had the best experience.

Avi Arfin
Avi Arfin
Search EM at notion

You can tell just by talking to BigData Boutique, how deep their knowledge in search technology is.

Gio Bagtas
Gio Bagtas
Director at kellerwilliams

BigData Boutique helped our search team with some of the intricacies of Elasticsearch and how we could integrate it with our solutions.

Andy Metcalfe
Andy Metcalfe
Project Lead at opentable

BigData Boutique preserved the basic schema and underlying architecture, yet took fundamental design decisions that significantly improved the existing platform.

Rafi Bryl
Rafi Bryl
Director at zoomin

Thanks to BigData Boutique we now constantly explore the potential for further use of Elasticsearch.

Uri Harel
Uri Harel
VP Infrastructure at pipl

BigData Boutique created the best solution possible, and automated the entire process using DevOps principles.

Denis Borisevich
Denis Borisevich
Lead DBA at fibi

Ever since BigData Boutique helped our Elasticsearch migration, we have had 99.999% (five 9s) uptime, a much better monitoring and alerting system and observability of our infrastructure and systems.

Deborah Anav
Deborah Anav
Technical PM at buzzilla

Had the pleasure to work with BigData Boutique. A mature experienced team with all it is related to databases, cloud and specifically to Elasticsearch.

Sharon Weintraub
Sharon Weintraub
Data Services Team Lead au10tix

BigData Boutique helped us take our Elasticsearch capabilities to it's top. Together we have optimized our infrastructure, fine-tuned many of our queries and pipelines to get a faster and more efficient service.

Ady Levy
Ady Levy
VP R&D at tastewise
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